Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

Dr Vicky Prokopiou, Dentist and Coach

Dr Vicky Prokopiou is a dentist, entrepreneur, mum and coach.  Dr Vicky has run dental practices both rurally and in Sydney, has managed teams for over 10 years and has worked in a variety of roles within health including hospital and retail pharmacy and dentistry.

Through coaching, she supports people to design their life by having self-awareness and forward beliefs that lead to living a balanced fulfilled lifestyle with purpose and passion. Dr Vicky enjoys coaching individuals and teams to rise above the challenges of Dentistry. Her emotional intelligence and mindset mastery brings out their best self in their career and personal life.


Dr Vicky has a keen interest in motivating others to elevate through embracing positive communication and authentic leadership, harnessing talents and personality advantages for success.  Her strengths as a coach are neuroscience concepts, commitment to learning, stylish energy, engaging approach and creativity.


Mindset Reset

Lecture Outline
Mindset Mastery
Neuroscience- Why you think the way you think
Growth vs. Fixed mindset
Holding yourself accountable


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