Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

Dr Tijana Fisher, Dentist

I was an immigrant child. At the age of 16yr, I relocated with my family from Serbia (in South Eastern Europe) to New Zealand. I qualified as a Dentist in 2001 from University of Otago, New Zealand. I was 22. I spent the next few years working in private practice in Wellington, NZ and in Melbourne. I then relocated to Sydney in 2006 and started my own practice on Pitt Street, where it still operates today. As a soon to be mum of two, in late 2012 I made a decision to sell the business and relocate the family to sunny Queensland. Here, I took the opportunity to join the executive team at a new and fast growing national dental service organisation where I worked in the role of Chief Clinical Officer and acting Chief Operating Officer for three years. My corporate role took me away from my clinical work, which I missed, so I made the decision to return to clinical practice in 2017.  I now work out of two dental practices, one corporate and one family owned, in Brisbane’s inner and outer West. I am a mum of two gorgeous girls and a wife to a very patient, endlessly encouraging man.


5 Things I Wish I Learnt at Dental School

It would cover lessons learnt in my experience as a young dentist, business owner, corporate executive, associate in a corporate and private family owned practice and lifelong learner. It would aim to encourage young dentist who may doubt themselves, to give them perspective beyond just clinical dentistry, to encourage them to challenge the ‘status quo’ and pay attention to what I love to call “the rebels, misfits and vagabonds” who have changed the industry over the years and may have lost a lot of (dental) friends along the way, but now we can’t imagine the world without what they have achieved…


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