Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

Dr Michelle Heffernan, Endodontist

Dr. Michelle Heffernan is the Head of Endodontics at the University of Sydney. She also provides surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatment for her patients in her private practice, BMA House Endodontists.  Dr. Heffernan’s dental career started at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA, where she obtained a degree in dental hygiene and then her dental degree.

She obtained her Masters Degree in Endodontics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Prior to relocating to Sydney, Dr. Heffernan practiced in a private endodontic practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Dr. Heffernan is a prominent lecturer and clinical educator. Dr. Heffernan introduced rotary endodontics and microscopes to the student clinics at the University of Sydney.  She has received multiple awards for her teaching.  She started the endodontic teaching and curriculum at Charles Sturt University in Orange, NSW.  She is the current President of the Eastern Suburbs Dental Group.  She has been awarded an honorary fellowship to the Pierre Fauchard Academy in recognition of her contribution to dentistry.  Dr Heffernan has given numerous lectures in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Dental Trauma Through the Ages

Throughout time, our patients’ teeth change according to their age.  These changes directly impact the type of endodontic treatment that we can provide to our patients.  This presentation will discuss how dental trauma can affect a tooth during different stages of the patient’s life.  The age of the patient can be a critical determinant to what endodontic treatment should be provided and what the longevity of the tooth will be.  Too often dental trauma cases are mismanaged leading a to compromised outcome for the tooth and the patient.  This lecture will help you understand how to manage teeth at the various stages of a patient’s life.


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