Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

Dr Angie Papas-Ginis

Dr Angie Papas graduated from Sydney University in 1990 and entered private practice in Melbourne and then In Sydney, where she is still practicing.

Her journey in Lasers started in 2006, and after countless training, seminars and courses (nationally and internationally), she commenced sharing her love and her knowledge about all types of lasers, nationally and internationally as a speaker.

In 2018 , Dr Papas completed her Masters in Lasers from LA&HA Institute in Slovenia, and she is currently undergoing her second Masters in Dental Lasers in Rome.

Dr Papas is also the founder of Dentistry by Women, a platform where women in dentistry are empowered to step up and find their voices.


Lasers in Dentistry

Modern Dentistry is not modern without the use of a dental laser. With lasers we can broaden the scope of many treatments provided, offering less stressful visits for the patients and the dentist. During this talk, you will be introduced to the multiple advantages of the dental laser and  how it can elevate your practice.


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