Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

Professor Ali Darendeliler

Professor M. Ali Darendeliler is Chair of the Discipline of Orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry and Head of Sydney Dental Hospital’s Department of Orthodontics. He is an orthodontist, academic and internationally renowned researcher leading a multifaceted research program in orthodontics. His team investigates the mechanics of tooth movement, the effect of orthodontic therapy on biological tissues and root resorption, multidisciplinary management of obstructive sleep apnoea including the use of mandibular advancement splints, temporary anchorage devices, jaw orthopaedics, accelerated tooth movement, bone healing and alveolar ridge development, dental implants, and the use of magnets and magnetic fields in orthodontics.

Professor Darendeliler is a recipient of the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ Distinguished Service Award (2008) and P. Raymond Begg Award (2012) for significant contribution to Research (one of only five awarded since the ASO was founded). He is the first Australian to receive the Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecture Award, the highest honour of the European Orthodontic Society, awarded for his significant scientific contribution to orthodontics. He was one of the nine experts worldwide selected to develop international guidelines for postgraduate orthodontic education, and has helped develop guidelines for the use of oral appliance therapy in sleep apnoea.


Management of complex trauma cases and ankylosed incisors


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