Interdisciplinary Dental Symposium

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Dr Vandana Katyal

Orthodontist & Entrepreneur

Virtual Orthodontic Care: A Paradigm Shift

Customised clear aligner treatments paired with virtual monitoring appointments are showing immense promise in delivering patient-centric orthodontic care that is beyond traditional models. Orthodontic patients have reported such use of technologies beneficial and convenient for them. There is no doubt, clear aligners are here to stay and so is artificial intelligence (AI) driven virtual orthodontic care. This lecture will provide a model for the future of orthodontics care and what we need to do to be ready!

Learn how to diagnose and treat with clear aligners in your everyday practice with confidence and competence. Learn how to set your practice apart and deliver outstanding orthodontic care for your patients.

Dr Jad Clarke

Paediatric Dentist

Space Maintenance, High Maintenance?

Jad graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney in 2001. After nine years working in general practice in Wollongong and Sydney, he returned to the University to complete Specialist Paediatric Dentistry training. He holds positions as Staff Specialist, Dept. of Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics at Westmead Centre for Oral Health; Senior Visiting Dental Specialist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Wagga Wagga Base Hospital; and is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney, University fo New South Wales and Charles Sturt University. Jad has over 10 years experience in Paediatric Dentistry and is a strong advocate for integrating child dental care into a broader health care management plan. He is highly experienced in working with children with additional needs and dental anxiety, and in treating dental emergencies and trauma.

Dr Lydia Lim

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Changing Faces

This presentation will update the dental practitioner on the recent advances in corrective jaw surgery. It will discuss how jaw surgery can improve facial aesthetics, occlusion and airway. In doing so, it may in some cases also offer life changing outcomes for our patients.

Dr Ehsan Mellati


Mucogingival problems in orthodontics: when and how to intervene?

Assessment of mucogingival condition of the dentition should be an important part of pre-orthodontic record taking. In this presentation, Dr Mellati will cover what to look for, when to intervene, and how to intervene.­­­

Dr Hossam El-Haddad


Replacing missing mandibular anterior teeth - from a shoestring budget to champagne tastes

Management of missing mandibular anterior teeth require appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning to deliver prostheses that are aesthetically and functionally successful. Appropriate case selection is paramount to decide between conventional FDP, implant prostheses, resin-bonded bridges or removable partial dentures. This lecture will guide clinicians through the factors and considerations that inform that decision for long term success.

A/Prof Max Guazzato


Dynamic 3D Navigation Implant Surgery

When was the last time you opened the old UBD or Gregory’s Street directory and had your family shout out when you were driving to turn left or right to get to your destination? Do you even remember the old street directory? On the contrary, how often do you open Google Maps or use a GPS tracking system when you’re driving to see where you are positioned on a map? All the time? The future for oral surgery ‘GPS-like’ tracking is here. 

Surgical navigation technology in dental implantology allows the operator to plan implant positions on preoperative CBCT scans and to translate this to the patient precisely.  Live tracking of instrument positions, drill widths, depths and surgical implant placement allows the operator to place the implant into the pre-operative planned position.

The current bulky surgical guides, plus sleeves and long burs are being replaced with dynamic 3D navigation surgery.  We now watch a computer screen to guide the placement without the presence of a physical guide. Dynamic 3D navigation provides more accuracy, more access to areas of the mouth where surgical guides cannot be used, optimisation of the available alveolar bone, potentially better aesthetics and design, less invasive procedures and more comfort for patient and operator.

Join me in this lecture with my personal 30 years experience with dental implant surgery and 4 years using this novel 3D navigation technology.

Dr Susan Kok

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dealing with maxillofacial surgical issues in dental practice

Awaiting info.

Dr Mark Johnstone


Endodontics and the Ageing Population

The Australian population is getting older. With life expectancy increasing and patients retaining their teeth for longer, there is an expectation that patient will be able to maintain their dentition for life. Endodontic treatment is a crucial factor in maintaining the dentition of older Australians, however there are many factors that must be considered when treating elderly patients. This lecture will discuss:

Dr Michelle Heffernan


Dental Trauma Through the Ages

Throughout time, our patients’ teeth change according to their age.  These changes directly impact the type of endodontic treatment that we can provide to our patients.  This presentation will discuss how dental trauma can affect a tooth during different stages of the patient’s life.  The age of the patient can be a critical determinant to what endodontic treatment should be provided and what the longevity of the tooth will be.  Too often dental trauma cases are mismanaged leading a to compromised outcome for the tooth and the patient.  This lecture will help you understand how to manage teeth at the various stages of a patient’s life.

Dr Nida Khan


Role of Interceptive Orthodontics in Class III corrections

Interceptive orthodontics, in particular in the correction of Class III malocclusion.

A/Prof William Ha


Orthodontic-Endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning

Orthodontic treatment is a prolonged treatment that often involved the whole dentition. If a tooth requires endodontic treatment, this may complicate the treatment. Over the last decade, several high-level evidence studies have debunked dogmatic guidelines. This presentation will highlight the current best practice protocols to minimise complications in your practice.

Professor Ali Darendeliler

Professor of Orthodontics

Management of complex trauma cases and ankylosed incisors

Awaiting info.

Dr Meredith Owen


The Perio-Endo Continuum - Clinical Considerations and Management

Dentists are likely to encounter lesions that have both periodontic and endodontic origins. Thorough examination and investigations are crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment planning. This lecture will cover such topics as the new classification of “perio-endo” lesions, cemental tears, and clinical management.

Dr Dimitrios Jim Papadopoulos

Sleep Medicine Physician

Snoring and sleep difficulties in children – not always OSA

Disordered sleep is prevalent, affecting 30% of children.  In fact some subgroups of children  have an even higher chance of having sleep problems eg children with Developmental Delay/Disability (60%), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (80%) Down Syndrome (80% have OSA).  Disordered sleep affects mood, behaviour and cognition and has an adverse impact on the family.  Adverse intellectual impacts may be irreversible.  Snoring, even if non-vibratory (heavy breathing) can indicate the presence of underlying Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), Allergic Rhinitis, Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease and/or structural anomalies.

These are also important contributors to adverse dentofacial outcomes.  We all know that snoring even without OSA can have adverse neurocognitive and dentofacial consequences.  Around 10% of children snore, only 3% of children have OSA.   So only 1/3 of children who snore have OSA – What’s going on with the other 2/3?  We will try and explore snoring and sleep difficulties in children from a new perspective and establish a background knowledge base from which we can start to tackle real world clinical conundrums in paediatric sleep.

Learning outcomes:

Dr Jean Wu


What happened to us when we stopped working?

During the start of the COVID pandemic of 2020 the Australian government halted the provision of non-essential dental treatment. Aside from the more obvious professional and financial effects, what impact did the lockdown have on dentists physically? This lecture will:

Dr Leanne Teoh

Pharmacist, Dentist, Researcher

Opioid analgesics in dental practice

While managing dental pain is an integral part of clinical practice, the use of opioids in Australian dentistry has increased in recent years. This talk will focus on opioids in dentistry, including their current recommendations, limitations and adverse effects. Dr Teoh will also present on how dental prescribing practices can have wider implications in the opioid crisis, and discuss the usefulness of real time prescription monitoring programs.  

Dr Vicky Prokopiou

Dentist and Coach

Mindset Reset

Interactive leadership coaching lecture to deliver excellence in dentistry. 

Lecture Outline
Mindset Mastery
Neuroscience- Why you think the way you think
Growth vs. Fixed mindset
Holding yourself accountable

Dr Tijana Fisher


5 Things I Wish I Learnt at Dental School

It would cover lessons learnt in my experience as a young dentist, business owner, corporate executive, associate in a corporate and private family owned practice and lifelong learner. It would aim to encourage young dentist who may doubt themselves, to give them perspective beyond just clinical dentistry, to encourage them to challenge the ‘status quo’ and pay attention to what I love to call “the rebels, misfits and vagabonds” who have changed the industry over the years and may have lost a lot of (dental) friends along the way, but now we can’t imagine the world without what they have achieved…

Dr Angie Papas-Ginis


Lasers in Dentistry

Modern Dentistry is not modern without the use of a dental laser. With lasers we can broaden the scope of many treatments provided, offering less stressful visits for the patients and the dentist. During this talk, you will be introduced to the multiple advantages of the dental laser and  how it can elevate your practice.

Mario Aparicio

Dental Technician

Applying a 3D printer to your Orthodontic Workflow

Learning Outcomes:



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